О нас


“Meister2+” is a creative group created in 2017 by two designers: Alexander Shchelkunov and Denis Presnetsov.

Each of us has more than 17 years of experience in design. So we decided to join forces and do what we really like: work in our own creative way. We are ready for bold experiments, working with complex natural forms and spaces. This allows us to create interesting furniture, kitchen utensils, wood decor and interiors.

Let’s make friends with a person and his home with nature. We make all our products according to ancient traditions in harmony with the surrounding world, being inspired by it and using natural materials in our craft: stone, wood, metal, so that you can organize a comfortable space for living and working. Restoring old wooden furniture.

We employ only specialists who know their craft. You can rely on us, because each of us is dedicated to his work, loves it and puts his soul into his manual work.

We work with customers from Russia and other countries. Both remote and live cooperation is possible. We are always happy to create a new harmonious space as we see it-for those who like our direction.


Co-Founder Alexander Shchelkunov & Co-Founder Denis Presnetsov