Three-room apartment

About the project: design project for a four-room apartment in a new building.

This apartment project was made for a young family. The apartment is located on the shady side, there is a lack of light throughout the day, so all the rooms were made in light colors, with accents on bright spots and textures, such as plaster, wood, decorative slats, and lighting. A built-in wardrobe was placed in the long corridor, which will accommodate a large number of things. To prevent it from being visually overwhelming, they made it from light wood; the same shade was used in other elements of furniture and decor in the living room. As a result, light colors combined with wood and flowers, pleasant fabrics, a bright sofa – everything creates coziness in this apartment.
Place: Russia, Tyumen
Size (project area): 110.71m2
Client: married couple


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